TOTO is the best present!

My mother´s birthday was just around the corner, and of course as usual I had no idea what I can do/buy for her. I found Ivka´s facebook page, I checked  every single work she did and then I knew that my problem is sorted. That will be the perfect gift for my mum.

Of course I sent her a message if I can buy something from her and if she do have something what I will like as a gift for my mum. I was very surprised with a pleasant answer. From the answer I already felt a lot of positive energy and she also offer me that I can just draw my idea on the paper and use my imagination.  Of course we met as soon as possible and I didn´t forgot to take my camera.

I could not miss that little miracle how she is making all that jewellery by herself.

RING RING, I called that redheaded fairy that I am not lost and I am standing somewhere close to her house. Smiling sunshine opened the door and welcomed me into her world. I have to say that I love old stairs and colored floors so I was fascinated from the very beginning.

We started with all those little stones, which color to choose, what type, what colors my mum like, it was a big dilemma. After a while together with Ivka we managed to choose all the colors and shapes. And then it all started, right infront of my eyes.

All day long there was just possitive energy everywhere in the air. We were just talking and gossiping while her skilled hands were doing what they do best. I have to say it is a very hard work and you have to pay attention on every single detail.

Ou, before I forget! Ivka graduated first as a jeweller, then she decided to study garden architecture. I mention this because same idea is written in an article about myself how someone once told me You can study something you don´t like, your job can suck as well, but If you really want and believe, your destiny will find you“.

Meeting inspiring people fills me up with energy ! The one with Ivka was one of the most possitive ones. Very nice, magical person with gold hands.

You can find all her work on facebook as TOTO sperky.

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  1. Tak to je vskutku nádherný dárek pro maminku. I já teď přemýšlím, čím maminku obdarovat a toto je opravdu originální dárek z lásky. Velmi pěkně píšeš 🙂 četlo se to jako pohádka.

    • Jéj, ďakujem Stanka 🙂 Veľmi si ma potešila. Kľudne napíš Ivke TOTO a určite vymyslíte niečo krásne. Môžeš si svoj šperk aj nakresliť a ona ti ho krásne prispôsobí a zhmotní. 🙂

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