I remember those summer days when we went for a little adventure.

We borrowed a car and went to one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. All the hotness changed to a nice soft breeze and all families with kids were about to leave. Well they shouldn´t. And perhaps they should, at least we were one of a few people to watch this magical sunset.

The breeze caressed not only my fine hair and toyed with them as he wanted but gently touching the lake surface and forming small ripples. Everything around was pink. All this together perfectly played and nature, once again showed us how amazing she can be. At that moment you realize, this will never repeat again. Every single moment we experience and survive is unique and can´t be repeated.

I stood there at the edge of the pier and enjoyed the premiere of the most beautiful and most famous theatres in the world. Every day I´m realising more and more, that the most important things I have are memories and images of my imaginary photo album. Maybe it´s a cliché or for someone stupid, but a huge truth is that wealth is not measured by the number of earned money, but the number of leisure and experiences. Start collecting beautiful moments that you will remember forever rather than physical nonsense, which you forget.