Lucy in Wonderland / Denmark

One of the most beautiful awakenings, a leap from the bed, and morning singing duels between me and my cat. Yes! Let’s go, all that remains is to close the suitcase, transform this witch into a human being, and catch the train, which I managed only so-so.

Right on the first step up to the train I was anxious, about what was expecting me. I went exploring the world all by myself.  When I exited the train in Budapest an unpleasant surprise was waiting for me, as the ticket machine had no paper, but I have a big mouth, I’ll manage somehow. I was also surprised to learn, that only a few people understood English, so I didn’t make new friends right away. Of course, I didn’t check beforehand how to get from the Budapest train station to the airport, because it didn’t occur to me that I would have to change two times on the underground, and once on the bus. Yes, a thousand swearwords in different languages ran through my head, but I won’t dwell on that. I finally got to the airport, where I also had to orientate myself, I was surprised by the unpleasant personnel there, even though I was being nice to everyone. Maybe I just happened upon some kind of a bad atmosphere, spreading through the country.

Let’s forget about the unpleasantness in Budapest and let’s move to the plane, where I have to note, that the flight was really nice, I got a place near the window, from which I was looking out all the time. I love the feeling when the plane slowly lifts off, and the pressure pushes me into the seat, and when I look outside the window all I see are just small houses and ants, trying to get to where they want to. And the clouds reminding you of candy, so you just want to jump into them, float, and look at all the rush and miniature life on the ground. For a brief moment I can feel like the ruler of everything down there. Just two more hours to pass, and enjoy my rule. But what is that? I see water, a lot of water and a city, and suddenly we are descending and there it is, we are in Copenhagen. A dream starts to come true, the country, which I have been looking at on pictures found by Google over and over again, is right underneath my feet. The butterflies in my belly were so happy, that they were playing catch with each other.

A beautiful neon signed welcomed me at the airport: ,, Welcome To Wonderful Copenhagen”, and I have to admit, that it immediately made me smile. And with this feeling I went to face all the airport challenges, and tried to find my way to the train station, from where I was supposed to get to Herning, where I was to meet my beautiful sun Ivka.

I shall not mention in detail, that I accidentally traveled without a valid ticket.

The main train station in Copenhagen reminded me of Harry Potter, this really beautiful architecture, a mixture of different nationalities, and a funny language all helped pass the three hours due to my train leaving. And before I forget, I have to say that I had a pleasant experience during my first contact with a native, who had tried to help me find the right train, and even though he failed, at least he tried. I also met a pleasant gentleman, and a Czech speaking gentleman at that, so time flew really fast, as I lived through the next three hours on the train, and I didn’t even want to get off. For us luxury, for them the norm. Finally my final destination that day, which was full of boarding and changing. Herning, I hear my native speech, and I see two figures in the distance approaching me. A get-together after a long time, a warm bed, and desired sleep. Waking up like in a fairytale, the sun rays tickled me on the cheek and we were right up. Breakfast, and all that goes with it is behind us, and we can hit the road. Naturally, there was only good mood in the car, accompanied by songs by Justin Bieber, and indescribable singing performances. Our first stop was the little town of Ringkøbing. A walk through the city centre left me with pleasant feelings only, clean streets, well-tended houses, no four-meter fences, everything so clean and organized. I was in paradise! When we approached the pier with boats, my eyes couldn’t get enough of the beautiful sunny weather, with all the peace and water. I thought I couldn’t imagine a better outing.


But I was wrong, our next stop was Søndervig, where we exited the car, and had no idea what was waiting for us behind the trees. We took a country road to an area with houses, each very well-tended of course. I haven’t experienced so much “wow-ing” in a long time. Accompanied by sun rays we went through the village, right up to a small hill, and we knew right away, what surprise awaited us on top of it. After we navigated the dusty road, we got to the top, and experienced one of the most beautiful sights. The sea! I stood on the top, trying to see all, and look at everything. My ears sensed only the murmur of the sea, the golden grassy field shined in the song of the wind, and played this wonderful game with the sun. I went down to the beach, approached the sea, and it was perfect. I experienced this indescribable influx of energy, emanating from all this. The smile on my face was the most pleasant feeling of them all. A really wonderful experience, I wished to stay there for all eternity, just looking around, not having a care in the world, not thinking about anything.


My temporary residence was the town of Herning. Probably all towns in Denmark are so clean, and organized, at least all that I saw. The parking spaces in front of the buildings were so unlike those ours, there were at most three occupied, with ten in total. Everyone there uses bicycles, and they don’t care what weather it currently is, if it’s sunny, rainy, or if the wind blows. All the roads are adapted for the cyclists. So even I tried to live like a Dane, and cruised through the streets of Herning on a bike. No, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, I probably rode through all the red lights I could.

As the last place to visit during my stay in Denmark I chose Copenhagen. The trip from Herning took around three hours, but it was really unique, during crossing of a long bridge we were served another beautiful performance by mother nature. A big city with a lot of different nationalities, and us two in their midst. But always clean and organized, beautiful architecture, a lot of bicycles, where you can’t find your own one, after you leave work. A stroll through the city, a “thousand” miles in our feet.

I had tears in my eyes when I had to say goodbye to this fairytale, I wanted to stay and enjoy the country some more. After coming back to Slovakia I went through a shock, when I compared the train station in Bratislava to even the tiny one in Herning. Hmm… let’s not compare them after all. All in all, I recommend visiting Denmark, my trip most certainly wasn’t my last one, it grew on me.  <3

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