The unpleasent ringing of the alarm clock, and even more unpleasant waking up after a hard Friday’s night. But a smile on the face and a lot of expectations, even in spite of that. I’m finally going to realize my intent, to create with someone else, not only with my thoughts, with ink and a pen in my hand. I’ve been admiring Paťo’s work for some time now, beautiful combinations of colors, paintings I can look at for hours, and never grow tired of them. (If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I love talented people!)

Of course, I turned the alarm clock off after it rang for the first time, and continued sleeping, like always. I don’t even know how I woke up, but I gathered my stuff and hurried to Paťo. Yes, I was late, and for quite a bit, but apparently he didn’t mind. And here was another obstacle, to orientate myself  in the street maze of our capital, because moving a few times a year is apparently the destiny of people in my life. I didn’t manage, but suddenly I saw a thin person, approaching me with a smile on his face. Thus the lost one has been found, and the course was set for the art supply store. It was a Saturday, meaning everything was closed, so we sadly had to invest more into the paints and the canvas, than we had anticipated. But nevermind that, we bought everything we needed and started painting.


First we wanted to decide what were we going to paint, what were our visions, but we realized that it was nonsense, that we should rely on our feelings, and that’s the way we should paint and mix the colours. Both relaxed and refreshed by a glass of wine, we began.

I was afraid to even touch the canvas with a brush, I feared that I would ruin it. But Patrik explained how everything worked, how do you use the colours. My greatest fear was painting with my hand, I had no idea how to apply the paint on the canvas. My first try resulted in everything ending on the walls, and stuff around us. But it was only better after that. When we finished the painting, we kinda let go of everything, and did a little photoshoot.

The whole idea arose on my birthday, when Paťo gave me one of his paintings as a gift. I couldn’t wait to open it, and look what was hiding inside the wrapping paper. I fell in love with the painting as soon as I saw it. Today it’s hanging above my bed, and I always have to smile when I look at it. I knew immediately I had to think of something and collaborate somehow with Paťo. We’re planning another suprise, but you’ll find out in time. But enough with all the words, here are some photos, that might brighten your day.