Hi !

My name is Lucia. The last four years I live in Bratislava, where I work in IT company and studying marketing.  I always say that the best years of my life I spent in Trenčin at the High School of Arts, where I was studying photographic design. I was so into cameras since my childhood. Photoshop for me was something like The Sims for the other children, I spent hours on it every day.

Dad told me that when I was born, person who was drinking with him to celebrate was a photographer. They had no glasses to drink from, so they used plastic containers for films.

Someone has a fairy godmother who wish him beauty, love and happiness. I had a drunk creator and master photographer, but I guess it worked.

Now I try to do what I enjoy and of course share it with you. I´m open to any cooperation. I look forward to all your comments, messages or emails.


Love, Lucy

Something from gallery of my tattoos <3

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